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Rhondda Valleys - Ferndale and Maerdy.

John Davies of Regent Street Ferndale in 1909 - this was his first day down the mine

John Davies in 1909
 - his first day down the mine aged 12. Read his story here.

At the top of the Rhondda Fach are Ferndale and ultimately Maerdy. Maerdy will always have a special place in the Rhondda's history books as the location of the last coal mine in the Rhondda Valleys.

 This webmaster recently discovered that far from his long held belief that he had been born and bred in Ynyshir, that he was actually born in Maerdy, moving to Ynyshir at a very young age. To this day I still have cousins on my paternal side (Evans) living there.

Ferndale will always hold a special place in this webmaster's heart as the place that his paternal Great Great Grandfather first moved to when he chose to leave Montgomeryshire (via Rhymney) for the coal mines of the Rhondda Valleys in the 19th century.

Ferndale was the home of two notable actors - Stanley Baker and Glyn Houston.


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Ferndale. An early photograph of the town


Ferndale 1969

Ferndale 1969

Ferndale General View 1910's

General view of Ferndale

Ferndale 1900

Ferndale circa 1900

Ferndale - Duffryn Street 1907

Ferndale - Duffryn Street 1907

Ferndale Strand & Rhondda Road

Ferndale - Strand & Rhondda Road

Maerdy Rail Station 1906

Maerdy Railway Station 1906

Snow on the Maerdy/Aberdare Mountain

Maerdy Snow

Ferndale - Duffryn Street

Ferndale - Duffryn Street 1909

Fendale Rail Station 1920's

Ferndale Railway Station 1922

Ferndale - The Strand 1930's

Ferndale - The Strand 1930

Ferndale - Darran Park

Ferndale - Darran Park

Maerdy Square in the 1910's

Maerdy Square

Ferndale Swimming Baths 1920

Ferndale Swimming Baths - 1920's

An early Ferndale Tram in Maerdy, Rhondda Valleys

Ferndale tram in Maerdy

Ferndale, Lower Ferndale

Ferndale - Lower Ferndale- Gerald Owen

Ferndale from the mountain

Ferndale from the mountain - courtesy of Gerald Owen

Ferndale Miners Memorial

Ferndale - Miner's Monument- Gerald Owen

Ferndale - Llyn y Fowyn

Ferndale - Llyn y Fowyn- Gerald Owen


These photographs of Ferndale today were kindly submitted by Russell Thomas: It is interesting to compare the Darran Park photograph below with the older one above - hardly anything has changed.

Darran Park Trees with inset of older print - courtesy of Russell Thomas

Ferndale - Darran Park Trees

Darran Lake 2005 - courtesy of Russell Thomas

Darran Lake

General view of Ferndale from Highfield - courtesy of Russell Thomas

Ferndale from Highfield

Darran Park Lake - courtesy of Russell Thomas

Ferndale - Darran Park 2005

Attention please. I have someone who is trying to trace a Mr Timothy Richards. Mr Richards was best man at this persons fathers wedding. It is believed that Tim Richards has moved to England. Does anyone know where to contact him? Tim used to live in the big house overlooking Darran Park, photos below (courtesy of Russell Thomas). If you know his whereabouts please email me here.

Darran Park House 2006 

Darran House - Ferndale

Darran Park House

Darran House - Ferndale

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If you have any photos or postcards to share with us please scan them in at least 1280 pixels width and email them to us here.

If you have any old Rhondda family photos or pictures of the towns and villages please scan them in at least 1280 pixels width and email them here.


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