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Ynyshir School Photos Page 2.

School photos from the past in Ynyshir, including Ynyshir Infants, The Boys School, The Girl's School and when available Porth Technical Grammar School (Porth Sec), and Porth County.

If you recognise anyone not named please do let me know - email address below - and I will be pleased to put their names on the page. Click on any image to see in high resolution.

These school photos courtesy of Adrian Dumphy: webmaster note: So many of these photos bring back so many memories for me, Adrian Dumphy of course, Lynne Edwards - an ex neighbour, Lyndon Richards and Geraint Griffiths - good friends.

Ynyshir Infants School c1951

Ynyshir School Photo - Infants 1961.

Headmistress: extreme left Mrs Isaacs. Teacher extreme right unknown?

Back Row: Brian Jenkins, Jennifer Rowe, ?, ?,

Middle Row: Graham Jones, Adrian Dumphy, Shaun Clements, Lorna Watkins, ? Davies, Peter Davies, Paul (Titchy), Lynne Edwards.

Front Row: ?


Ynyshir School Photo - Ynyshir Juniors c1965

Ynyshir Juniors School c1965

Ynyshir Juniors c1965.

Back Row: ?, ? Hawkins, Geraint Griffiths, Paul ?, ?, Billy Bowen, Chris Dawes.

Middle Row: Headmaster?, Robert King, Brian Jenkins, Adrian Dumphy, Paul?, Peter Davies, Christ Thomas, Vince Owen, Stephen Towell, Lyndon Richards.

Front Row: ?, ?, Una Francis, Susan Bunn, Ann Wood, Helen Jones, Hilary Cleal, Susan Rabbits, Anne Meredith.

On Mats: Andrea Conroy, Lynne Edwards, Shirley Inglis, Janet Davies.

Ynyshir Junior School 1966

Ynyshir Junior School - c1967.

Back Row: Brian Jenkins, Lyndon Richards, Paul ?, ?, Raymond Hawkins, Paul ?, Christopher Thomas.

Third Row: Headmaster ?, Vincent Owen, Christopher Dawes, Hilary Cleal, Gillian ?, Jean Williams, Susan Williams, Peter Davies, Geraint Griffiths, Mr Griffiths.

Seated Row: Susan Rabbits, Helen ?, Anne Meredith, ?, Janet Davies, Helen Jones, Una Francis, Helen Meredith, Susan Bunn, Ann Wood.

Matted Row: Stephen Towell, Adrian Dumphy, Shirley Inglis, ?, Andrea Conroy, Lynne Edwards, Robert King, Stephen Higgins.

Ynyshir Juniors School 1967

Ynyshir Junior School Photo c1966

Back Row: Vincent Owen, Geraint Griffiths, Christopher Davies, Christopher Davies, Paul ?, Lyndon Richards, Peter Davies, Paul (Titchy).

Third Row: Teacher - Mr Griffiths, Adrian Dumphy, Robert King, Stephen Higgins, Jean Williams, Anne Meredith, Helen ?, Brian Jenkins, Stephen Towell, Headmaster ?.

Seated Row: Ann Wood, Gillian ?, ?, Susan Williams, Hilary Cleal, Andrea Conroy, Susan Rabbits, Hlen Meredith, Susan Bunn, Una Francis.

Matted Row: Shirley Inglis, ?, Janet Davies, Lynne Edwards.

Ynyshir SAchool Group Photo c1967

Ynyshir Junior School Photo c1967

The same class, in a personal photo.

These next three photos are courtesy of Janet Collier (nee Isaacs) - the children were born circa 1945:-

Ynyshir Junior Mixed Standard 3 1954

Glamorgan, Rhondda Valleys, Ynyshir Junior Mixed Std 3 1954

Back Row: Terence Godrey, Norman Venables, Roger James, Derek Chapman, Lyn Price, John Cory, Royston Edwards, Gregory Hines, Kenneth Ivins.

Second Row: John Nagle, Dennis Watkins, Tania Dyke, Margaret Howells, Janet Isaacs, Carolyn Jones, Jill Matthews, Susan Burden, Paul Oaten, Roland Roberts.

Third Row: Joy Dibben, Margaret Gould, Wendy John, Mary ?. Pat Price, Lyn Jones, Merilyn Pierce, Pat Bent, Daria Jones, Lyn Foxwell.

Front Row: Philip Edmunds, Brian Evans, Terry Miles, Michael Stephens, Michael Matthews, Raymond Griffiths, Rhoslyn Jones, John Palmer.

Headmaster: Gomer Evans. Teacher Mrs Davies (nee Seabourne).


Ynyshir Juniors Standard 4a 1955

Glamorgan, Rhondda Valleys, Ynyshir Junior Mixed Std 4a 1955

Back Row: Margaret Howells, Lynn Foxwell, Tania Dyke, Janet Isaacs, John Cory, Clive Nicholas, Janice Davies, Lyn Price, Royston Edwards, Norman Venables.

Second Row: Kenneth Ivins, Derek Chapman, Roger James, Rhoslyn Jones, Mary ?, Margaret Gould, Glenys ?, ?, Michael Stephens, ?, Terence Godfrey, Paul Oaten.

Third Row: Gregory Hines, Daria Jones, Jennifer Roberts, Roland Roberts, Pat Price, Lyn Jones, Carolyn Jones, Wendy John, Jill Matthews, Susan Burden, John Nagle.

Front Row: Robert Deere, Philip Edmunds, John Palmer, Pat Bent, Raymond Griffiths, Mavis Hopkins, Merilyn Pearce, Terry Miles, Michael Matthews.

Headmaster: R, Gomer Evans (on left). Teacher: Thomas Walters.


Ynyshir Juniors Mixed Standard 5a 1956

Glamorgan, Rhondda Valleys, Ynyshir Junior Mixed Std 5a 1956

Back Row: Margaret Miles, Diane Llewellyn, Pat Bent, Janet Isaacs, Mavis Hopkins, Susan Burden, Carolyn Jones, Elaine Cotter, Linda Dowler, Margaret Howells.

Second Row: Maldwyn Atkins, Norma Spencer, Jill Matthews, Lyn Foxwell, Sheila Davies, Terence Godfrey, Brian Evans, Roger James.

Third Row: Ralph Jones, David Owen, John Palmer, Susan Roberts, Rosemary Giddings, Brenda Jenkins, Terry Miles, Royston Edwards, Kenneth Ivins, Norman Venables.

Front Row: Michael Stephens, Lyn Price, Jennifer Roberts, Wendy John, Gareth ?, Rhoslyn Jones.

Headmaster: Charles Evans (on right). Teacher: Thomas Walters.


If you have any photos or postcards to share with us please scan them in at least 1280 pixels width and email them to us here.

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If you have any old Rhondda family photos or pictures of the towns and villages please scan them in at least 1280 pixels width and email them here.


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